World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO, thanks to the rock carvings left by the ancient people of Camuni, Valcamonica is a valley of great history and deep roots, which still allow themselves to be observed in the preservation of ancient crafts and landscapes of this land of mines and in the faces and in the memory of its people.

High Valcamonica revolves around the mountains of the Adamello Group and its regional park. One of the most beautiful in the Alps mountains, antechamber of the Dolomites, around which lie the glaciers of Pian di Neve and Pisgana, that make this formation of the eternal snows of the largest glaciers system in Europe, a real must for mountaineers.

Those who are curious about the life of the valley, should plan a visit in Bienno, the village of crafts, home to the annual fair of the ancient arts of work. Bienno is also reported as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It is imperative a trip to Capo di Ponte and the National Park of rock carvings, for a dip in prehistory of the Camuni and through the centuries up to the Middle Ages.

Ponte di Legno and Montecampione are the best known destinations for its winter tourism with their ski slopes. You can also ski in Borno, in the small Borno – Monte Altissimo district with 8 lifts, a ski school and slopes in a very beautiful scenery, among woods and picturesque views over Lake Iseo and Valcamonica. Sportsmen and both bicycle and motorbike lovers, have available some of the most famous and challenging tracks of international cycling, such as Gavia and Mortirolo. Boario, with its thermal baths and the properties of its waters, will give relaxation and beneficial rest.

The Valle Camonica

From Adamello to the Prealps, from Lake Iseo to Ponte di Legno Valcamonica offers an infinite range of landscapes and services for all mountain lovers: trips on the lake and on the hills, climbing and hiking, fishing, winter sports and the rock carvings.