emerges from the harmonious, hilltop setting that stands out green in the ancient heart of Val Grigna.

The pre-Alpine valley that has its roots and its history in the majestic setting of a clear and noble land, proud and welcoming as its people, nestled on the slopes of the larger Valcamonica, custodian, because of its famous rock carvings, of the first Italian site recognized by UNESCO World Heritage site.

And right here, in Prestine fraction of Bienno, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, the Prestello Farmhouse was born and raised in order to pass on and promote the deep bond between the entire community and their land; distinguishing itself as a model of sustainability and balance, exercising, for over twenty years, with passion and responsibility its own philosophy, honoring tradition and culture, love and respect for life and for nature.


The Farm Prestello is the place where nature is expressed through the noble values ​​of tradition, where flavors, atmosphere and hospitality blend together like the ingredients of a recipe. And the taste that gives off is the unique pleasure of a timeless experience.

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“Honoring the earth means to celebrate nature in the protection of a continuity that binds us to it. Our devotion is genuine and the result is the natural and unaltered authenticity of our products.”

Agriturismo Prestello


A few kilometers away you can visit the prehistoric rock carvings of Capo di Ponte, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage of humanity.

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